Why I started this blog

I thought that it would make sense for my first post here to be about this blog, that for most of you will have appeared randomly without rhyme or reason. It also ties in with the #iblogbecause campaign that John Sennet (@JohnRdToVol) launched this summer to, well get people talking about why they blog and try and spread some positivity.

Firstly this blog may not have happened if it wasn’t for the fact I already had the domain name, which I completely love, sitting there doing nothing. Whilst I was still at college I came across the GitHub Student Developer pack which is really cool and among other things you can get a free .me domain name, so that’s how I came to own this one but I’m definitely going to pay to renew it. It reflects my attitude towards life completely.

Of course I would have probably never gotten a feel for blogging if it wasn’t for John, who let me join his blogging team (when there was one), and also Sian Abbott (@SianKathrine) who I crossed path when she was doing a university piece on diabetes and have stayed good friends. I haven’t told her this (until now obviously) but she’s the reason I ever thought about blogging in the first place!

The main reason I’ve started blogging though is for my personal development. By personal development I mean many things including my typing and communication skills, time management skills and my wellbeing. If you read my ‘About Me’ page you’ll see that I’m a busy person and also that I have a disability which means I’m not the greatest typist in the world so whilst initially starting a blog seems like a crazy idea, I see it as a chance to improve. I only have a limited amount of time to spend writing posts so that will force me to think about what I’m saying and avoid waffle which nobody wants to read anyway, and I believe that practice makes perfect so hopefully my typing speed will improve too.

Also, I don’t really want to be that friend that only talks and thinks about work. Yes I’m passionate about what I do but I also recognise that my health, mentally and physically, has to come first. Blogging is something different that I enjoy doing and it’s something I’ll be able to build a routine around. Within that routine, I’m positive that I can build in some time just to completely relax and unwind, which brings me on to the last reason I started this blog.

Have you ever had something in your head that you just want to tell anybody that will listen, just to satisfy yourself that you don’t need to hold on to it? That happens to me, a lot. So this blog will be my place to clear my mind when there’s nobody else to tell, and I’ll probably also look back at my posts myself either to jog my memory or laugh at how silly I can be sometimes.

Ok, I lied. One more reason, but it’s a good one. As you’ve probably guessed by the domain name I don’t tend to believe that anything is impossible, whether that be technically, overcoming a physical disability, or otherwise and I hope that my attitude will help to inspire others to achieve their potential. I also plan on writing some posts specifically to help everyone and support people!

Until next time,