Being a boss

I wasn’t planning on writing this post this evening, but as I looked in the mirror after tea I felt that I had enough experience to write about being a boss. I saw panda eyes; not the type you get from wearing sunglasses, the type caused by dark bags around your eyes. I’m tired, and right now a little bit grumpy to be fair (probably related), but hopefully I’ll feel better after this!

Most of you will know that I run my own software and web development company, Lyke Ltd., however for the past three weeks I have had a intern with me (Callum) and I’ve also recently taken on a part-time employee (Danny). When I first took on Danny and started speaking with Callum’s college (which I also attended last year) I was naive enough to think that with three of us the businesses capacity would be tripled and that they’d be no stopping us. I understood that of course I would have to take the time out to train them both, a prospect I quite looked forward as I love teaching, but it’s safe to say I underestimated a few things.

Going from working on my own to working with other people has been a big jump. I’ve had to change my workflow and how I work to allow Callum and Danny to collaborate, I’ve had to make sure I’m absolutely clear about what I’m doing and think ahead about how I can delegate tasks, and it has made arranging meetings that little bit harder. It’s meant I have to be on the ball all the time and no longer do I only have my workload to consider, I have two other people’s to think about too. Training is possibly the most difficult part, even though I’m lucky that Danny and Callum want to learn as much as they can, it’s a real challenge to find the time to teach and still meet deadlines for clients as usual some days. It most often means me catching up with work at home which I don’t mind, but my body clearly does.

By no means do I regret my decision to take Danny or Callum on. I don’t regret any decisions I’ve made because life is about learning. I paint being a boss to be a negative teacher and it really isn’t, it’s an awesome feeling especially coupled with the fact just over a year ago I was sat in a class room at college. Perhaps I should have waited to venture into the land of employees, although I believe in throwing yourself in at the deep end – if you don’t push yourself, who will? – and at the time I made the decision everything was telling me was the next step. It’s important to remember also that I’m writing this from the perspective of an employer that hasn’t hired experts in the field, Danny and Callum have basic knowledge and the drive to learn, develop and put in the hours needed to do so. This post would probably be a little bit different if I’d have hired highly qualified people instead, but I didn’t want to do that and I think it still would have represented a leap that took a lot of effort.

It’s still very early days; I have a lot to teach Danny and Callum, and I have a lot to learn myself, but I know that in the end we’ll all benefit massively. For me, that’s what it’s all about! Yes, businesses have to make money but they exist to help people and I for one use the power I have through my company to help people in whatever way I can. I hope working with me is providing both guys with invaluable experience and opportunities in an industry that I know they are both passionate about. Unfortunately Callum’s internship finishes on the 19 August, though I hope he’ll be back and we have over a week until then so watch this space!
On that note, they’ll definitely be a funny video to look forward to next week. We post comedy sketches every Friday on our Facebook page so be sure to like it so that you don’t miss out!

Today has been a tough day and things didn’t quite go the way I planned, but that’s okay. Today has been a lesson and tomorrow is new day…. Hopefully with plenty of sleep in between!